The Siphon.

Madness calls to madness. Those we call demented, deranged, psycopathic are perhaps just those who have attracted the attention of dwellers in the cracks. They are pursued and hounded and toyed with by living myths with inscrutable minds. They are sleepless and driven to extreme actions by fear of dark places, or a single knock on the door in the middle of the night.

Or is it all in their head? A dreamt-up fantasy life and rationale for depraved behavior? Is Lancaster in The Siphon crazy, hallucinating? Is he a spy being spied on by the demonic? Is he both?

There are some genuinely unsettling moments in this story, mostly during the quiet parts where the action subsides slowly and without realizing it you are alone in a strange room after dusk. There is also a fair bit of gore, which was less effective for me. I’ll also admit I had a hard time keeping track of all the names of people (perhaps I should read at some other time than right before going to bed), and there’s a chance that blunted the story’s climax a little. But overall I was enthralled.

Also, any story containing the phrase “God Kings of Ultima-Thule” is an auto-win for me.